It’s all a bit of a blur if I’m truthful.

Eight cans of K1X branded energy drink lent on a liter bottle of icy Russian Standard. We huddled around a small booth table, in the corner of a packed out club in Munich’s Universitåt district. It was hard to tell whether the damp in the air was on account of the rain, or the energy that emanated from the tightly knit community that Munich is proud to call it’s own. This was my first taste of Munich based brand Beastin’, and it was an instant classic.

Munich is a city that’s often dwarfed by Berlin, in terms of parties and fashion, but Beastin’ are a brand single handedly out to change things. The Bavarian brand has been producing solid collections since inception in 2008 and hasn’t even got started yet. The brand’s founders Duki and Fu first met whilst their paths crossed on the professional basketball scene back in 2002. These are the guys who tried their luck, E-mailing French concept store Collette, asking if they wanted to stock some tee’s from their initial collection and received an Email in response, including an order form. Since then, both their creative talents and friendships have flourished to produce one of the most authentic European street wear brands on the market.

The brands collections include heavy reference to American hip-hop and sports cultures, whilst utilizing simple design aesthetics on high quality, well-cut fabric. Into their 5th year, Beastin’ have gone from strength to strength, offering a brand that looks after it’s Munich family before expanding into global distribution. Beastin’ is still a relatively well kept secret outside of Munich, however within the city’s scene, Beastin’ are the boys to know, it’s the purest example of a total lifestyle brand I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in. Aside from the collections, the brand host club nights, ‘Beastin’ presents: Classic’, and boast a season dependent pop-up shop, in the city’s main shopping district.

After spending a few weeks surrounded by the Beastin’ brothers Duki and Fu’, I found myself totally buy into the brand ideals and associations. It was fantastic to see a modern day street wear brand stay true to the old school roots from which the fashion originated. The focus and importance of family and friends that Beastin’ represents, alongside the pride in it’s city, was captivating. It’s so often that brands pop up failing to deliver a deeper message or lifestyle. It causes us, as a consumer, to become desensitized, tricked into thinking that it’s all about fresh snapbacks and hoodies, but Beastin’ isn’t just about that. Beastin’ is a brand that stays true to its inspirations and represents a lifestyle of the back of that.

Beastin’s associations with professional basketball see the brand reference the sport through imagery and typography throughout their collections. Whilst I’m not a fan of non-U.S brands borrowing American pop culture references, Beastin’ utilize it well, justifying the creative direction through the lifestyle they are living and selling.

Expected to hit the U.K shores for SS13, I’m convinced Beastin’ is a brand that is going to take big strides in the right direction, as they offer up a rehashed version of traditional streetwear both in regards to ethos and design.

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