Five Minutes With Brodinski

In the beginning of a not so regular series here at Breaks Magazine, I managed to corner Brodinski backstage at Red Bull’s Notting Hill carnival party long enough to ask him a few questions about whatever my slightly alcohol impaired mind could think of.

For those that aren’t aware, Brodinski is a French techno don. He originally came to prominence with the bassy techno banger ‘Bad Runner’, before a slew of great tunes on various labels kept him at the forefront of the experimental French electronic scene. Brodinki’s strengths lies in his DJing ability, he’s revered as a ‘DJs DJ’, and is known for tight genre bending sets and drawing influence from not only techno and house but also US rap & hip hop.

He recently set up the label ‘Bromance’ and has been putting out consistent releases through that all year, including an official Lana Del Rey EP no less.

How you doing you alright? 

Yeah I’m really good!

So, right now are you between LA and Paris? 

Yeah pretty much, mixing both of them, like Paris and LA sometimes – it’s pretty cool.

What about LA attracted you to move there? 

The weather first, the food second and the girls third. Plus the fact that’s definitely less expensive than Paris. But LA is such a cool city to move to, and it’s starting to become more creative now. A lot of DJs are moving and a lot of clubs are opening and it’s such a cool vibe right now.

So you’re a year into Bromance right now? 

Nah, almost a year, a year in two months.

So how’s it going, as so far you’ve put out tracks from yourself and Gesaffelstein, plus remixes of Lana Del Rey, Club Cheval – thats an awesome roster. 

I’m so happy, like, it works and people are actually listening to the music that we’re doing, like loving us, like giving us so much good intention that we can continue and the whole vibe is amazing – and thats because of the people  supporting us and I’m so happy and so grateful for that.

So where’s Gucci Vump right now? As you had ‘Feeling’ as the second Bromance release. Whats the plan with that? 

I’m actually working on some new stuff with Guillaume and with rappers too, we’re doing beats for them and stuff. It’s really interesting to work on as he has The Shoes, and I have my projects, and when we’re together it’s such a good feeling to be together – that’s actually why we called the track ‘Feeling’ actually.

Is it difficult with him being in Paris and you being in LA? 

It’s pretty Natural actually..

Email and…

… exactly. Cos when I’m in Paris we never see each other as he’s always doing something else, and i”m doing my thing, so yeah it’s interesting. but when we are together it’s just great – it’s a nice vibe.

I have to ask as well, with ‘best of Everything’ Vol 1 and 2 – so good. You killed it. Is there plans for a third best of everything? 

Yes, but I don’t have a date for that, but definitely it’s a yes, I want to do another one, but mix both ideas. So it’ll be a mix of remixes that my friends and are doing.

So what’s next for Brodinski and Bromance? 

With Bromance we are releasing Jacques Lu Cont and and Monsieur Monsieur, who are these two guys from France who are amazing. And I’m waiting to work with on my new track, Mike is doing some stuff too. We are actively trying to do more stuff and I see that people are actually following us around the world – we are so lucky with that.

The French house scene were some of the first guys to adopt the Jersey Club stuff, do you feel like right now that you guys are leading it, leading the charge so to speak? 

Yes exactly – people [in France] are actually doing stuff that they love, and music they wanna do and music that inspired them. No rules. No limits. And France is an amazing place for that right now.

Whats next for Brodinski? 

I’m working on my new track with two american rappers, I can’t say their names yet. I’m working with them on a new track trying to combine techno, that I love, and rap that I’m a fan of. Just, you know, trying to do my stuff.

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