Top 5’s with Fernando Bramsmark

Whilst catching up with Casper Brooker at Nike SB’s ‘Light up the street’s jam at London’s Bay 66 last week, we also got the opportunity to to fire the same set of Top 5’s at Nike SB shredder Fernando Bramsmark. The Malmo native was in town for a few days for the jam and once in the park set about destroying it bit by bit. Dude absolutely shreds.

Spots at home to Skate:
1. Stapelbäddsparken Skatepark
2. DIY Spot, Pontus Alv’s spot – TBS
3. Sibbarp Skatepark
4. Bara Skatepark
5. Bryggeriet Skatepark

London Spots to Skate:
1. The Spot, Tottenham
2. Bay 66
3. I can’t think of anymore, there’s too many

Places to eat:
1. At home
2. Mohawk Bend
3. In n Out
4. Senior Fish
5. All the burrito places

Places to get drunk:
1. Berlin
2. Barcelona
3. Amsterdam
4. Sam Francisco
5. Manchester

Places to Travel to:
1. LA
2. San Francisco
3. Barcelona
4. London
5. Munich

Places you’d like to travel to:
1. Japan
2. China
3. Peru
4. Brazil
5. Finland

Top 5 Nikes to Skate in:
1. Bruin
2. Janoski
3. Dunk Low
4. Blazer High
5. Blazer Low

Close Friends:
1. Kalle Ralsgard
2. Karim Rhilla
3. Ralph Sandberg
4. Christopher Bajo
5. Oskar Resenberg Hallberg

Video Parts:
1. Ishod Wair – Real ‘Since Day One’
2. David Reyes – Thrasher Firing Line
3. Justin Figueroa – Stay Gold
4. Dane Burman – Zero Cold War
5. Grant Taylor – Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 1

1. Adam Sandler movies
2. Drew Barrymore movies
3. I’m not so into movies

Gadgets you bought recently:
1. iPhone
2. Watch
3. Thats it

Things to do when not skating:
1. Hanging with friends
2. Cooking food
3. Cycling
4. Travelling without my skateboard
5. Chill at the beach

Things that annoy you:
1. Politics
2. Religion
3. People that think they’re better than other people
4. People that don’t respect other opinions
5. Disrespecting societies

Five words to end this with:
1. I
2. Like
3. To
4. Skate
5. In
6. London

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