24 hours in Paris with Nike SB

The temptation to call this feature ‘One night in Paris’ and and spend the majority of it alluding to a certain sex-tape was almost too much, but I resisted and instead have gone for the more professional approach. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) this particular 24 hour escapade to Paris doesn’t involve sex-tapes of any nature.

I got the call from Nike a week prior to the event asking if I’d like to go to Paris for the night to see a skate demo and the premiere of SB Chronicles Vol. 2, and maybe hang out with some of the team. I obviously immediately said yes and next thing I knew I was on the Eurostar with Dom (Nike SB PR) flinging myself towards what promised to be an eventful night.

Some confusion in translation with the taxi driver from Gard Du Nord led to a rather drawn out but ultimately scenic ‘long way round’ to the hotel in which we appeared to do a rather large loop of Paris. This was maybe the only sight seeing I was able to do as before long we were on a coach from the hotel, with select members of the European skate press, to an old brewery in the outskirts of Paris – our venue for the evening.

Nike had done a sterling job of the building, turning the main space into a well planned skate plaza that had a locals-welcome session in full swing by the time we arrived. It looked fun and I found myself wishing I could ride it on my bike. Shame it was to be taken down after the demo. But no matter, there was a bar and the pro demo was coming up. Unfortunately Sean Malto had to pull out due to an injury, but we were treated to a pretty full throttle demo from the likes of Justin Brock, Ishod Wair, Kyron Davis, Max Geronzi and the Euro-legend Tim Zom.

Some pretty sick stuff got done in the demo, and as you’ll see from the video below, Tim Zom absolutely owned the quarter to quarter transfer, dude was going full bore at that thing.

We got a few drinks deeper and by the time the video came on I was getting on for being quite drunk. One of the highlights for me was being able to watch the video stood next to Ben Powell. For those that don’t know Ben, he’s the editor and founder of Sidewalk Magazine and aside from being a total legend, he’s also from Wakefield. I’m fairly certain Ben and I were the only two Yorkshire lads in the room, but by the time the video was over every fucker in there knew about it. Ben had taken it upon himself to make the most noise and stir up the most fuss when a hammer got dropped in the video and I think that without that the whole proceedings would have been a few notches quieter. My experience with BMX and Skate video premieres back home in Leeds or Newcastle is that they’re always pretty raucous and noisy affairs and I’m glad Ben was there to keep that passion going.

The video itself was incredible and nothing I can say here will tell you anything you’ve not already seen on the internet, but it’s worth the iTunes purchase for Ishod’s part alone.

After that the night turned into a blur and after sampling some of Kyron’s shit-mix (no idea why he had this when there was a free bar) I was bundled into a taxi and we headed into town to La Baron to see Louise Chen DJ and to catch up with Frankie Colamarino (Eiknarf) who was in town for the week from NYC. From here it’s hazy but we definitely missed our Eurostar the following morning, so thank you Nike for making sure my timing mistake didn’t effect my bank balance.

Until next time Paris!

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