Breaks Vs Croatia

I love Croatia, I have done for a while. Before this summer I’d been twice previous, once with friends and once with an ex girlfriend and her family. Each trip was quite different in dynamic and activities, yet the running theme were that both were fairly chilled.

I’ve never really done a ‘lads holiday’ before, as I’ve always been away with friends in a mixed group. I’ve also never been to a music festival abroad before either, so when my younger brother called me up and near enough told me that I was coming to Croatia to Hideout festival this summer, I was all for it.

The crew was as follows; myself, my younger brother James our friend from home Benny and lastly James’ Uni friend Ben, a Scouser with so much gift of the gab he could literally sell sand to an Arab.

Once we got there we met up with our Scottish contingent, my old work-mate Marty and the We Own crew – which also consisted of a bevvy of girls and my mate Tom who took the photos you see to the right.

Croatia is becoming the party destination for UK ravers, there are at least 6 decent UK-run festivals out there each year now, catering for everyone from the dubstep crowd to 30 year old ex-raver disco fans looking to relive their former years and have one last hurrah.

You can see why this has happened though, it’s hot all the damn time, there’s beaches, it’s still relatively cheap (although I noticed a stark drink price increase this time around) the country is beautiful, and they seem pretty relaxed about most things. Ibiza is done to death, full of twats and absurdly expensive, and everyone seems to be getting over the more obvious European festivals in search of something new.

I learnt a few things on this trip, mainly that I can’t drink like my younger brother can (or how I used to) and that above all else, that years of DJing, guestlist entry and VIP hangouts has turned me into somewhat of a snob. The general population of Hideout is not the kind of people I’d usually want to be associated with. On a similar note, when did the buff All Saint’s wearing pretty boy crowd adopt the Obey snap back as their staple wardrobe item? I saw so many that even the people at Hideout alone must be paying Shepard Fairy’s mortgage.

Also what’s the deal with everyone suddenly being so into laughing gas? That shit was everywhere during the festival, and it’s honestly the worst stuff ever. Total waste of money.

What remains however is that I will most certainly back next year, the festival curation was brilliant and the trip contained some moments I’ll never forget. I think I quite like being a ‘lad’!

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