Breaks Magazine X Flatbush Zombies

In 2011, via the medium of the Internet, we stumbled across a mixtape called ‘Noir’, released by highly talented but little know producer/rapper Erick Arc Elliot. January 2012 saw the release of ‘Thug Waffle’. The viral hit racked up tens of thousands of views within days and ‘Flatbush Zombies’ were a common sight throughout blogs, magazines and the usual social media platforms. The ‘Zombies, consisting of; Meech, Juice and the aforementioned Erick, have been applying their trade since ‘Thug Waffle’ dropped, producing a high quality range of music videos and mixtape ‘D.R.U.G.S’.

At the end of April, we got a chance to spend some time with Flatbush Zombies during their first ever trip to London. In celebration of Red Bull Music Academy taking place in NYC, the trio were flown over to play their debut London shows as part of a send off party for the UK RBMA participants’. Playing two shows in one night, we met the guys, enjoyed their performances and got to know what they’re about, in an exclusive interview for Breaks Magazine.


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