Costume Life: TIMC

‘About Us’: “Yeah we thought we was cool so we made like an internet blog which is so hip.we just shove a load of our stuff and stuff we like on it, and hopefully that other people like. We are dead serious”

When every blog seems to be some kind of ad machine or yuppie replica of each another – it’s kind of refreshing to see something a little grimier. Coming across This Is My Costume, their WordPress is a feed of lines, girls and painting. Pushing an instantly recognisable style their murals are no doubt turning heads. Funny and creative, they’re an exciting part to London’s scene. Why paint at home when you can paint on the wall of a disused Amusement shop, an abandoned lot of trucks or an isolated shed?

“We started [the blog] as a joke, it was meant for friends.  It’s got bare shit up on there. Now we’re all gassed with Instagram.” Following a friend’s advice to join, they’re slowly growing a strong following. “[Instagram’s] lame when it comes down to it but it’s relevant, we get work off of it.”

Outside of the web you’ve probably fallen on their work. Check signs at Echo Festival and on T-Shirts for kid’s clothing line Ruff & Huddle. If you happen to visit the zoo too, one of TIMC doubles up as a face-painter by day (something I’ll never stop finding jokes).

After a few elusive emails and fake names, we met three of TIMC in North London way back in October… “Do you want to go painting?”

Forcing open the door of an old amusement hall from the inside out everyone filed in. (They managed to climb through a hole in the wall out back). Heads up you could see through two floors, the ceiling collapsed across the ground. Debris from slot machines and whoever was last out spotted through the rubble. Through the mainroom, there’s a torn down kitchen, empty vodka bottles and glamour models proud on the walls. A grade-A shithole.

With a swatch of Dulux pots and brushes, they started to chalk the outline freehand onto the curling wallpaper. Attention to detail was key: how the P should flick, if the colours were rich enough…  In the end they’d take a picture of it, no one would physically see it again yet there was a degree of perfectionism to it.

Location’s important to these guys, scouting out a surface suitable. What’s painted always has some connection to what it’s being painted on. Their Tropical Paradise couldn’t have been more on-point in the dark and seedy squat. Outside the autumn heat was burning, inside you barely wanted to breathe as the dust was so heavy. Tongues in cheeks. “I really hate cheesy quotes, really over-friendly shit. A lot of people don’t get the joke at all, we did a thing that said ‘Friends Forever but haha…”

A few months down the line – a video appeared on their Instagram. Re-visiting the same spot they’d turned the crumbling old boy’s club into something out of a murkier Lady & Tramp. The video charting a candle lit dinner. While the blondes and boobs still hung from one wall, the others were now perfectly pasted with a 1970s mogul print.

It’s all pretty meaningless, only existing on Instagram and whoever else dares scale the hole in the wall. That’s what’s special about these guys: pointless fun.

Link to re-visited spot:




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