Dusky Interview

I was nervous to meet the duo Dusky, not only because they’re gathering a big following at the moment, but I’d somehow built up this intimidating image of the couple in my head. All I know of them is their productions from the past couple years, I didn’t know what they looked like and had only heard their first names from previous press coverage, so what was it that made me put them on this weird pedestal? I think it’s down to the sophistication of their tracks. There’s an extra touch of class with every Dusky release, where every element sounds as if it’s been hand-crafted to perfection. So to say my knees were a tad shaky was a bit of an understatement.

As usual when you build something up in your head, it’s never as bad as it seems. As I sat down and introduced myself, it was clear that this was going to be a chilled-out afternoon spent listening to some great stories of how Dusky came about and how the ‘hottest new duo of 2012’, according to Sir Pete Tong, craft their superb and addictive sound.

Asking where the duo met was the first question to be asked, I have to ask this due to the fact it always makes for an interesting answer,

‘We met in sixth form, we both knew each other and I’d been DJing a few years from about the age of 16, like… drum n’ bass and early rave stuff, what most teenagers of that time were messing with at that time – we’d both been making music and were involved in it in some way, so we’d just got together and found out what we could make, it progressed from there really’, responds Nick. ‘It was quite an organic process really’, chips in Alfie.

You can hear the difference and progression in Dusky’s music as they move from the sounds of Solarity through their time on the fantastic label Anjunadeep. A sub-label of the world famous trance label Anjuna headed up by Above & Beyond, Anjunadeep however has released some of the greatest progressive and deep house of the past few years, including Dusky’s debut album ‘Stick By This’.

I asked what it was like making an album and that it must’ve really been a big achievement for a couple of electronic producers. ‘It really was and it was a lot of fun making it, it’s definitely something we’d love to do again’, states Nick. ‘The attention we gained from it happened quite slowly really, we weren’t expecting much but the past six months now it’s been crazy. Crazy in a good way!’

What was it like working vocalists on the album and is that something you’d like to do again?

‘Well yeah, definitely, Janai is a friend of ours we’ve known for a while and it was fantastic working with her. She did really great, and I hope to do some more work with vocalists in the future.’

Earlier in the year, the boys received heavy rotation from Loefah on the hugely popular, which opened them up to a much broader audience. I asked them how did that come about and if it was a big turning point for the duo’s music and popularity:

‘We sent Flo Jam out to a few people not expecting anything, he must’ve literally looked in his inbox that day and he played it that very same night. We didn’t expect him to at all, that scene was not something we’d thought about trying to enter but it really boosted us and we’re very grateful that he liked it. He must’ve loved it, I heard he played it a lot’

Not long after this Pete Tong picked up on the boys and was asking them to appear on sections of his show, such as the ’15 minutes of fame’ segment and just recently completing their edition of the world-famous Essential Mix. We’d spoken to them before the EM, but no hint was dropped, after I tried to ask what was in store in the near future for Dusky; ‘We have a remix for Justin Martin coming out soon which were so happy with, that man is a legend and his album is one of the best of the year’


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