Edu De Leau By Homegrown Diamonds

By the very nature of us being an online publication we manage to reach all sorts of readers very quickly, allowing us to communicate with them easily, and connecting with people we wouldn’t do usually. This is great, we’re not an insular operation, and it provides a path for us to meet talented people like Martin, aka homegrown Diamonds.

On seeing Martin’s work we immediately took him up on his offer to travel to Amsterdam from his native Norway to get tattooed by Edu De Leau and cover it for this here online publication.

Edu is a talented tattooist. Based in Amsterdam, he’s been tattooing a mere three years yet has quickly made a name for himself, as well as collaborating on a t-shirt and event with ‘Dam legends Patta and Ben-G. While there Martin had chance to talk to Edu about his work, and how he got into tattooing:

“I started tattooing 3 years ago, stick and poke myself with a needle. At that time I really wanted a Playstation 3 but instead I bought a tattoo machine. I didn’t really know how to use the machine, so just through trial and error I started to learn more and more about tattooing. Also I started drawing and painting like a mad man. Trying to understand how to make flash paintings, use of colour, how they get the shading so smooth on paper, all was new to me so I did my best and became better in painting.”

As for Edu’s distinct designs, “a good friend of mine is collecting cool antique stuff, like postcards, photos, frames and what so ever. So from time to time I buy some of the cool photos, postcards and such and use them come up with some crazy stuff to make paintings of and tattoos.”

Certainly if you’re in the area and looking to get inked or buy a print, then Edu is your man.


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