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Since Fabric Skateboards’ inception in 2011 the emphasis has always been to push a clean and stylistic aesthetic; appealing to all strands of UK skateboarding. The team has transitioned from a group of up and coming skaters to now boasting some of the best riders the UK and Europe has to offer. With the team solidified and an upcoming tour on the horizon it seems like the perfect time to start filming towards a full video.

With the current trend of skateboarding producing mainly online edits, Fabric wants to hark back to the days when kids had physical copies which they could put on their VHS/DVD player. Something to watch before the session and get hyped on, which stays with them rather than getting lost in the endless stream of amazing skateboarding available daily over the internet.

Filming for a video in the middle of a British winter is a challenge so hopefully these snapshots will give a pretty good insight into both the fun times and the bad!

Bish – Fabric

 1. Manny Lopez – K Grind

On a spot hunt through the various college campuses of Durham University, we stumbled upon this massive rail coming out of one of the halls of residence. We thought this might be one for another time with night slowly creeping in but Manny had other ideas and began rolling up to it. With about 30 minutes of daylight left we would have to be quick and Manny made that window even smaller by snapping his deck on the 4-stair warm up round the corner. With a quick replacement deck from the van, he swiftly set up and was left with only about 15 minutes of good light. After a few roll ups he went straight for it; stuck it first go and it looked like he could roll it within a few more attempts. Unfortunately two goes later he ended up hitting a crack and bailing from the top, resulting in some heavily bleeding feet. But he’s determined to come back and land it!

2. Mark Baines – Walking next to white block manny pads

A classic spot which looks amazing from photos and footage but in reality isn’t anywhere near as perfect. Despite the pads being smooth on top, the ground around it is rough and covered in discarded ‘Bella’ bottles and broken glass. Also you can’t get a straight run up at it which makes setting up for tricks a nightmare. It’s a good spot for summer as you can chill in the sun and skate when you want to. However in winter with blustering winds hitting you and below minus temps it isn’t so much fun. Despite this, Mark managed to come away with a few NBDs, which was followed by a quick retreat to the van for shelter.

3. Team – In front of shop window

The Fabric warehouse is located above a shop called ‘The Kard Bar’. It’s a kooky little store that sells a wide range of interesting paraphernalia; vintage patches and buttons, bongs of every shape and size, and a damn cheap can of coke. You get unusual characters coming in and out so you’re always in for a treat if you’re hanging about outside.

4. Connor North

5. Douwe Macare – Bs Flip barrier

Douwe hails from Holland and is Fabrics’ first rider from outside the UK. He’s a good friend of Manny’s and when we heard that he was stoked on the brand, it wasn’t long before we started flowing him and then eventually hooking him up fully. Despite the distance, Douwe has always been up for flying over for tours and trips and he never fails to clock some footy. This bs flip was landed second go while everyone else was packing up to go to the next spot!

6. James Bush – E-Cigarette

A large amount of time on winter trips is spent dodging the rain; one of the best methods is to chill in a coffee shop until the worst passes. Unfortunately as luck would have it the weather did not favour James on one such trip and we spent a hell of a lot of money on coffee. With smoking indoors having been banned for about 8 years James E-cigarette came as weird blast from the past as he sat blowing ring after ring of vapour smoke.

7. Manny in the shadows

8. Mark and Bish – filming

Sundays used to be the day when town centres were empty and the whole city became a massive hassle free skate spot. Nowadays most stores are open on a Sunday but this wasn’t the case when exploring the Blyth town centre, as it became apparent the area doesn’t work by the modern schedules; everywhere but Greggs was shut! Bang in the centre of town is a massive plaza with blocks, manny pads and flatland. Added with the fact there was no one around meant that we got a good few hassle free hours of skating and filming in.

9. Paul

10. Manny – kickflip

It’s funny how sessions sometimes just appear out of the blue; on a recent filming trip to London we hooked up with Manny and his crew for a whistle stop tour of the central spots. While dodging through some back streets, we happened upon a pretty sick step ledge which everyone wanted to skate. As we started setting up the camera gear Manny took a pretty heavy slam warming up which put him off trying his trick. I carried on filming some of the guys and unbeknownst to me the rest of the crew had started sessioning a make shift bump to bin. It didn’t take long for everyone to move from the ledge and start skating the bump instead. It was rad to see 20 plus guys hitting a DIY gap in the heart of the city. Manny managed to come away with a few tricks, with this steezy kickflip being a particular favourite.

TEAM : Manny Lopez, Mark Baines, James Bush, Douwe Macare, Jason Lewer, Connor North, Paul Regan

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