Long Live Southbank!

In the wake of plans being submitted to ‘revitalise’ the Southbank area of London recently, which involved knocking down the world famous Southbank skatepark, Breaks Magazine teamed up with Anna Victoria Best, Georgia Boal-Russell and the South Southbank Initiative to put on a show called ‘Save Southbank’.

The show is a exhibition of images based around the Southbank scene, and visually demonstrates the wide range of people that skateboarding brings together at these hallowed grounds, and thus the importance of saving this London landmark.

If you haven’t already please sign the petition and help stop the council destroying a cultural hub for more Starbucks:

The show runs from Tuesday 2nd July to Friday 5th July at Red Bull Studios in London. 

Red Bull Studios
155-171 Tooley Street
London, SE1 2JP


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