Nightintale: A Chat With Piu Piu

Sometimes interviews are planned months in advance, and sometimes they’re simply on the fly when the opportunity arises. In this case, the latter is true. Piu was over from Paris to play with her Girls Girls Girls crew (Betty & ChChChen) on London’s Just Jam TV online stream.

I’ve been a fan of Piu’s admittedly limited output since she released the sultry Biggie cover ‘BMF’ on the now defunct French label Young Gunz. I met up with her in a small Dalston studio, the location of Just Jam, shot some photos in the setting sun on the roof terrace and had a chat about what she’s got going on.

For those that don’t know, who is Piu Piu?

A spaced out chick, a DJ and singer, you gotta love the cosmic banana

Lets go back to the early days, you grew up in a musical family right? Raised in France but not from France? Can you elaborate on that?

Yeah, my family comes from Uruguay, and my father is a musician and sound engineer. I grew up surrounded by musicians, going to rehearsals everyday after school, concerts and parties. Let’s say I was I was literally a club kid since I was 2!

Whats it like having French Fries as a brother?

Like having a very busy one who loves chicken!

You’re integral to the Clek Clek Boom crew, can you tell us a bit more about what you guys do and what you have planned next?

I’m related to them cos I introduced Ministre X and Boo to my brother and they are all my family, so I’ll let them talk about their amazing plans. I wish they conquer the world though.

When I met you you were playing with the Girls Girls Girls crew, how did the crew come about what what does it stand for?

The crew was created a year and dust ago, but I became a member in December. In my point of view, I was just really happy to be able to work with girls and throw parties with them! Until then most of my friends were guys and I felt like it was good to hang with girls once in a while away from smelly socks and stuff lol. I also wanted to show that girls could also be great DJs, know about music and throw great parties not especially because we are girls but just because we are passionate about it.

The other week you put out a video for a cover you did of ‘Creep’, is that the sort of vibe we can expect from future Piu Piu releases?

This track, produced by Scntst, is part of my tape thats out now, including 14 tracks produced by French Fries, Bambounou, Myth Syzer, Scntst, Metro Zu and Ryan Hemsworth. I don’t really know what genre it is, so lets say it’s emo peep pop! Hip hop, pop, sex music but in a very intimate way. The tape, Nightintale, is of course a reference to birds, being high and flying and stuff but also every song is like a tale, has it’s own story, and all of them are like a message from me having a hard time being in the real world to someone in the real world. I don’t really know if that makes sense to you?

Both Creep and BMF are technically covers, but only in the same way that a house remix might sample an RnB tune – is that the intention?

Both were done very differently. BMF was a decided choice to do a cover of that song. For Creep, Scntst sent me that track and listening to it the creep melody and lyrics came naturally as a gimmick and I thought it would be fun, specially cos it was some kind of message to a guy, whatever.

Whats the scene like in Paris at the moment? You guys always seem to effectively make the connection between house, techno, rap and hip hop.

I think we are really lucky! I feel like Paris scene is very opened to whatever kind of music as long as you can feel the passion and dedication and not just a posture. Everybody is supportive of others, and I think it’s a very positive energy. And then, well they are always haters from now and then, but life is meant to be enjoyed innit?

What’s next for Piu Piu?

The tape which is out now, a European Girls Girls Girls tour, then iI don’t know! I’m not good at planning.

Download Nightintale here

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