Paris: Revisited

I used to go on holidays to France in a caravan around 3 times a year as a child, and now my Dad lives there for the majority of the time, so I’ve had the good fortune of visiting Paris a fair few times, and the novelty had kind of warn off for me until my recent visit.

Obviously going with family, you don’t have the same experience as if you went with friends, so on this trip, going with like-minded people, who share similar interests, I saw a different side to Paris.

Using the Paris photo exhibition as a vague excuse to go, we had a fairly cultured trip, however, the main excuse to visit was simply to shop, browse, or simply be immersed in the style or Paris. The majority of the people walking the streets are cool as fuck, with no judgement of style or clothing choices, and with stores like Colette, Starcow and French Trotters to name just a tiny spectrum it is easy to see why Paris oozes style, even just walking down to the local boulangerie in the morning to get croissants makes you feel part of the whole culture of Paris. Safe to say, my opinions on Paris as a city were completely altered by the 4 days we were there, and I am certain to be going again in the near future.

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