T. Williams Interview

If you’ve heard the T. Williams name banded about a lot over the last year then it’s for good reason. The former grime producer has stepped up under a more mature alias to put out some of the most solid bassy house releases over the last 12 months.

As well as that he holds down a revered weekly Rinse show, and an increasing amount of high profile gigs. We were lucky to get T down for our launch party, and we caught up with him before hand to see what’s up.

Where and when was his moment that you decided he wanted to make dance music? 

I decided I wanted to make dance around the age of 11 when I first discovered Jungle via a Tape my dad had.

Did you have a mentor or were you self-taught? Was there someone you aspired to be like? 

I never had a mentor i was just trying to make music to the best of my ability and the equipment I had to hand. 2 people who helped me a lot was my cousin Adrian and Jon e cash. I never aspired to be anyone inparticular but there was loads of producers I wanted to make quality music like.

What direction do you want to go in now you’re making a pretty good name for yourself? 

Just continue to make the best music I can. Always giving it my everything.

Why T.Williams and were you ever under another moniker? 

T.Williams is just because I thought it represented my new found maturity. My other moniker is dread.d. Felt it was most definitely time for a change as I don’t have dreads anymore.

Does your grime background inform your current productions?  

I think every style of music I have ever been into definitely has an effect on what I make today. So yes grime especially has a big part to play on my current projects.

Any exciting projects coming up that you can hint at?  

A very exciting mix compilation coming out soon. It’s been in the works for a while and I’m super excited.

Where are you happier, DJin’ a rave or in the studio nerding out over beats?  

I can’t really say I’ve grown being a raver / Dj so there is no better feeling than playing a wicked set to an amazing crowd. But being in the studio has played a big part too. I think this one is 50/50.

Any recommendations for producers you think will be breaking soon? 

Juno Sutton, J.Bevin and MTD. All are talented producers who are bringing all sorts of different flavours to the table.

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