Top 5’s with Kyron Davis

While in Paris at the Nike SB Vol.2 Premiere I got the chance to interview London skater Kyron Davis. Instead of the usual Q&A I thought it’d be more fun to hit him with some quick fire top 5’s.

West London Spots to Skate:

1. Handrail under the westway
2. Bank to wall under the westway
3. Virgin gym in Hammersmith
4. 7 stair rail near Portobello Road
5. Banks in the estate near westbourne park

Places to eat:

1. Nandos
2. Sams Chicken
3. Burrito Place (Can’t remember the name)
4. McCan
5. McDonalds

Places to get drunk:

1. The Full Moon in Harrow
2. Mommas House, Shoreditch
3. Brick Lane
4. Dalston
5. Road Beers

Places to Travel to:

1. Birmingham
2. Amsterdam
3. Paris
4. Majorca
5. Okinawa, Japan

Places you’d like to travel to:

1. Tokyo
2. New York
3. San Francisco
4. Iceland
5. I can’t think of any more

Top 5 Nikes to Skate in:

1. Lunar Gato
2. Janoski
3. Bruin Lows
4. Blazers
5. Koston 2

Close Friends:

1. My Mum and Dad
2. Connor Charleston
3. Manny Lopez
4. Evan Knight
5. Josh ’The Wizard’

Video Parts:

1. Pretty most of the parts of Blueprint ‘Make Friends With The Colour Blue’
2. Ishods part in ‘SB Chronicles 2’
3. Tom Knox in ‘Eleventh Hour’
4. Daniel “Snowy” Kinloch in Landscape ‘Horizons’
5. I dunno this is really hard


1. The Conjuring, scared the shit outta me
2. Cat In the Hat
3. City of God
4. Not really a big fan of movies

Gadgets you bought recently:

1. I can’t even afford to buy no gadgets (laughs)
2. portable iPhone charger, that shit is sick!
3. That’s it

Things to do when not skating:

1. ‘Chilling’ with my friends
2. Sleeping, I like sleeping
3. Swimming
4. Babysitting
5. Eating

Things that annoy you:

1. People that talk shit, no time for them
2. People that talk with their mouths full and get spit all over you face. Close your mouths
3. When you open a door for someone and they don’t say thank you
4. Interviews (laughs)
5. Burgers in Japan

Five words to end this with:

1. Peace
2. To
3. All
4. People
5. Across
6. The
7. Land

Nike SB


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