Top 5’s with Casper Brooker

We caught up with Slam City Skates rider Casper Brooker during the Nike SB ‘Light Up The Streets’ event at Bay 66, West London. After putting Nike SB’s new Flashpack collection through its paces, we got him to give us a run-down of his Top 5s. He likes Southbank, y’know. Loads….

London Spots to Skate:
1. Southbank
2. Southbank
3. Southbank
4. Southbank
5. Southbank

Places to eat:
1. Wagamamas
2. Chipotle
3. Nandos
4. Ping Pong
5. Homeslice

Places to get drunk:
1. Cross Keys
2. Bardens
3. The Angel
4. The Diesel step, round the corner from Slam City. Good for people watching.
5. Alibi (If you’re going in)

Places to Travel to:
1. New York
2. Paris
3. Malmo
4. Berlin
5. Detroit

Places you’d like to travel to:
1. San Francisco
2. Los Angeles
3. Istanbul, my brother lives there and says there’s loads to skate.
4. South Africa
5. Finland, Helsinki

Top 5 Nikes to Skate in:
1. Lunar Gato, the best shoe ever
2. The original Blazers
3. Koston 1
4. Lunar Janoski
5. Normal Janoski

Close Friends:
1. Sam Hughes
2. Big man
3. Paddy
4. Darius
5. I don’t really have that many friends

Video Parts:
1. Heath Kirchart- Sight Unseen
2. Andrew Reynolds – This is skateboarding
3. Brian Anderson – Jump Off A Building
4. Anthony Van Engelen – Mindfield
5. Nick Jensen – Lost and Found

Movies & TV:
1. Walking Dead
2. Family Guy
3. All the old Star Wars films
4. Wolf of Wall Street
5. The Big Lebowski

Gadgets you bought recently:
1. iPhone
2. Remote control helicopter drone to fly into people at work
3. Laptop
4. I don’t have any other gadgets

Things to do when not skating:
1. Go to Slam City
2. Hang out with my girlfriend
3. Go to the pub
4. Go to art galleries
5. Hang out with my mates

Things that annoy you:
1. Young rude kids
2. Rain
3. Useless stoners
4. Hypebeasts
5. That new trend where people wear really tight tracksuit bottoms

Five words to end this with:
1. South
2. Bank
3. Is
4. Saved
5. Yay

Shop Nike SB’s Flashpack collection here.

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