Nike SB ‘Light Up The Streets’ Jam

The final piece of the Nike SB puzzle was attending the Light Up The Streets Jam the other week, which started at Nike Town, weaved through Friday night shoppers to the Nike SB space above Size on Carnaby Street, before ending at Slam City Skates.

Hoards of skaters then boarded a bus to Bay66, where the jam started. Proceedings were monitored by Sidewalk editor and UK Skate legend Ben Powell, who utilised his booming voice to cajole kids into trying hammers on the newly erected bank to wall in exchange for £20 notes.

Nike riders Casper Brooker, Kyron Davies, Thomas Harrison and Fernando Bramsmark were in attendance, the former of which utterly shut down the wallride with a ally-opp BS wallride, an impressive feat considering he was 6 tins of 1664 deep at the time.

All in all, a good night, showcasing a great product. The role of activewear influence in skateboarding is currently underrated and advances like the Flash Pack, which utilises 3M detail on key items in order to make you visible at night, plus doing it on a very non-corny way, is great news whichever way you look at it. We’ve advocated this approach before within our ICNY interview, and I’m glad more brands are stepping up.

Shop the Flash Pack.

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