Breaks Magazine & Jim Beam #MakeHistory

It’s a blessing that those in London out to further their talents and better themselves as creatives, more often than not, have the ability to recognise when something is worth getting involved in. Real recognises real and all of that.

Jim Beam is one of the worlds leading Kentucky bourbon’s, with a history stretching over 200 years of bold men who trusted their gut and made things happen, no matter what obstacles were put in their way. They’re not afraid to standout and they know that actions speak louder than words.

When Jim Beam asked us what the phrase #MakeHistory meant to us, we answered ‘Those around us’. The creative circle that we immerse ourselves within continue to opened doors we didn’t know existed and more importantly continues to offer up strong relationships with individuals we would otherwise not have had the pleasure in meeting.

 In light of this, we wanted to give these aforementioned creatives a chance to tell their story, putting them on camera as opposed to being the ones making sure everything is going to plan behind it. We carefully compiled a list of five creatives to showcase, in an attempt to show you what [or who] it takes to #MakeHistory.

There is a myriad of stories here, from starting one of the first UK streetwear brands for ladies, to changing location to chase the writer dream, the common thread is a desire to induct change for the better, better themselves and contribute to the culture of the world and in turn, making their own history.

Video by: Phill Bircham
Directed by: Sam Smith
Produced by: Tom Kirkby

Also check out how Mila Kunis wants you to make history:

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