Young and Laced

The Young and Laced Collective is, in their own words, ‘a platform for young people who aspire to push the boundaries of culture across the creative spectrum.’

In short this means that they allow young people’s ideas to not collect dust. They help make things happen, through funding, support and mentorship.

From club nights and art exhibitions, to vinyl releases and documentaries, for twelve months Young and Laced have been helping 16-24 year olds achieve their creative aspirations. With a forward-thinking ethos, an attitude that rails against a growing culture of apathy in the creative industries and a keen, tight-knit community of motivated individuals, the organisation is making impressive strides and, most importantly, getting things made. Getting things done. Taking ideas and bringing them to fruition.

Liam Klimek, of the ‘All My Friends’ club night, is well positioned to explain how Young and Laced is changing this landscape for young creatives; “They helped me get All My Friends off the ground, from Peckham to Ace Hotel, and it’s a crew featuring some of the most exciting people in music, art and film from across the country. We all met with little knowledge of each other’s work and now it’s a whole family thing. A collaboration hub for wise guys.”

This ‘collaboration hub for wise guys’ is set to grow exponentially in 2015, after finishing last year on a high, aiding production of Hamish Stephenson’s documentary Counter Culture: The Curse Of Online Status. The short film, which explores the exploitation of social media in modern society, earned critical acclaim and a must-read comments section when featured on Hypebeast, the true barometer for any form of creative output this side of the millennium.  Young and Laced describe the doc as something that “questions whether the online and quantifiable nature of creativity and influence today is encouraging the past to be rehashed and recycled”, a question close to those involved with Breaks consciousness and a notion evocative of how Young and Laced are pushing creativity forward, rather than harking back to the past.

Young and Laced is set to continue its great work well into the new year, and for those of us who are lucky enough to still be in the 16-24 age bracket, is a viable, credible option to put ideas into action. Whatever your skillset, however huge your ideas may seem, Y&L take away that initial barrier and allow young, creative people to do what they want to do.

Get involved.

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