Top 5’s with Gilbert Crockett

Before the premier of Vans ‘Propeller’ Tom and I were lucky enough to sit down with Gilbert Crockett in the House of Vans screening room and shoot him our usual list of top 5’s questions. He was super mellow but our excitement to see the movie was palpable and it was a little difficult to keep count, but we got there in the end. If you haven’t seen the new Vans movie, or don’t know about Mother Collective, you’re blowing it. Check out Gilbert’s top 5’s below and keep an eye out for him this year, we’re sure to see some exciting stuff from him.

London spots to skate:

I’ve never skated here, I’ve always wanted to. I’ve only been here one other time and I flew in, went to sleep and drove out the next day because it was a demo tour. But yeah I’ve always wanted to skate England.

Will you get a chance this weekend?

Ahh, no, we leave in the morning. We don’t even have boards with us because everywhere we go, we sleep there for a night and then leave.

Places to eat:

1. Alagraya, LA
2. Thai Diner, Richmond, Virginia
3. Lee’s Chicken, Richmond, Virginia
4. El Cochinito, LA
5. Cookout, North Carolina

Places to get drunk:

1. I don’t drink!

Places to party:

1. Elegra, Richmond
2. Helen’s, Richmond
3. Little Joy, LA
4. That’s probably about it.

Places to travel to:

1. New Zealand
2. NYC
3. San Francisco
4. Cincinnati
5. Washington

Places you’d like to travel to:

London, to come skate. Or just England in general, I like the way it looks, I like videos from here but just never had a chance to skate here. It kind of reminds me of the East Coast. I’ve never even skated at Southbank so I’d like to skate there, and I’ve seen a lot of street gaps – I see a lot of street gap footage from here. I don’t know the names though.

Vans to skate in:

1. I’ll definitely put mine!
2. Half Cab’s
3. Era’s
4. AV6
5. Old Skool’s

Close friends:

I’ll just do first names, they’ll know:

Will, Brent, Ty, Phil, Taylor, Alex, Mori, Cooper

Video parts:

1. Marc Johnson, Modus Operandi
2. Anthony Pappalardo, Mosic
3. Anthony Pappalardo, Fully Flared
4. Anthony Van Engelen, Photosynthesis
5. Jake Johnson, Mind Field


1. The Old Mad Max movies
2. Star Wars
3. Little Big Man
4. Interstellar
5. Lonesome Dove (it’s more of a TV show)

Gadgets you bought recently:

I’m not really a gadget dude. I still have an iPhone 4, so I don’t really have shit; I haven’t bought something like that for a bit.

Things to do when not skating:

1. Drawing
2. Painting
3. Shopping for antiques

Things that annoy you:

1. Fucking up grip tape when it’s brand new
2. Inconsiderate people
3. Bad parkers
4. When my shoes aren’t tight
5. Umm..

To look out for with Mother this year:

1. Jake Johnson being back in New York
2. Hopefully some footage from somebody
3. The next round of boards
4. Stickers
5. Will Gainer

Five words to end this with:

Sorry I’m not better at this…

Words: Will Sleigh
Photo: Tom Kirkby

You can grab Vans skate film ‘Propeller’ on iTunes

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