Top 5’s with DC Skateboard Pro Madars Apse

It seems like a very long time ago that the DC Special Delivery Tour swung through London for a packed out jam session at Mile End, followed by an exhibition at Parlour Skate Store. Later on that same evening I cornered a somewhat bleary eyed Madars Apse down an East London side alley and ran through our usual list of Top 5’s in record time. Here’s what he had to say.

London spots to skate:
1. Sockwell
2. Southbank
3. Mile End
4. Anywhere in the city
5. Liverpool Street

Places to eat:
1. My Momma’s kitchen
2. La Taqueria, Long Beach, California
3. Kebab, Barcelona
4. Asada, Argentina

Places to get drunk:
1. On the street
2. Any blues bar
3. Any skate spot
4. The cinema
5. With you friends

Places to travel to:
1. Spain
2. Latvia
3. Thailand
4. South Island of New Zealand, I’ve never been but would like to go

DC shoes to skate in:
1. Wes Kremer
2. Wes Kremer 2
3. The Lynx
4. Mikey Taylor
5. The Trace (that’s the new model)

Board graphics:
1. Krooked
2. Todd Francis
3. Those Ray Barbee graphics with the rag doll
4. My pro board graphic
5. Dude there’s so many I can’t even think… My first board I ever skated, it had like flames all over it. I had that when I was 11.

Video parts:
1. Wes Kremer, DC – Skateboarding is Forever
2. Stephan Janoski, Habitat – Mosaic
3. TNT, Transworld – In Bloom
4. Mark Gonzales, Blind – Video Days
5. Ben Krahn, he’s an OG skater, he released a video part on Vimeo like two years ago, it’s super good. He’s from Portland or Canada or something, he shreds.

Did I say Janoski, Mosaic?

Gadgets you bought recently:
1. AirDog drone, the world’s first auto follow drone, releasing for sale in August.
2. Nixon Blaster
3. My electric guitar
4. I finally got my first iPhone
5. Blender

Things to do when not skating:
1. Hang out with my girl
2. Play the guitar
3. Hang out with the boys
4. Play some games
5. Go swimming

Things that annoy you:
1. The
2. things
3. in
4. my
5. head

Five things to watch out for from DC in the next year:
1. Danny Way
2. The Brazilians
3. Evan Smith
4. D-Funk
They’re all gonna have video parts I think

Five words to end this with:
Give peace a chance everyone?

Words: Will Sleigh
Photos: Sergio Alvarez

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