Lucien Clarke talks Supra Quattro, Palace, Bronze & Supreme

At the start of this summer we caught up with Lucien Clarke on the London stop of the Supra dispatched tour to talk about skating with OG’s like Muska and Penny, filming for Palace and Bronze, his relationship with Supreme and his new colour-way on the Supra Quattro, which is heavily influenced by the Palace Wayward Boys Choir.

Lucien has had an all-time summer, having just returned from NYC filming for the Supra video, and has a bit of time in London before heading to LA with the whole Palace crew. He isn’t stopping anytime soon though. Tonight sees the launch party for his Supra Quattro colour-way at 71a Gallery on Leonard Street, in association with a PWBC exhibition of photos curated by none other than James Edson and Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch. The exhibition is open to the public on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October, so don’t sleep and be sure to check it out. You don’t want to miss a chance to see a retrospective gallery of images from the early PWBC days. Some of the images are nearly 15 years old, and I hear there might be talk of a PWBC book sometime soon.

You’re on the Supra Dispatched Tour right now. How’s that been?

Yeah man it’s been amazing, so far so good. Skating with the the boys is always wicked, it’s quite rare everyone being together for this amount of time.

How is it hanging out with all the OGs like Muska & Penny?

It’s really very chill and a total pleasure skating and hanging with them, they’re the calmest people you would ever meet, just couple of the best OG gangster rappers out there, still killing shit!

How was shooting with the Bronze crew? It feels like that’s been a long time coming?

That was so much fun man, it goes without saying. It was the first time a lot of us had met them and we all got on straight away… real recognise real!

Was the relationship between you guys something that just evolved organically? Were you hanging out before?

Nah like I said before, most of us were meeting the for the first time. But all and everyone were on the same page or same book.

The soundtrack’s really dope. What have you been listening to at the moment?

A lot of James Brown, a lot of old grime, Future, Anthony Naples, Jay Daniel and not gonna lie Drake.

You’ve been part of the Palace crew since its inception. Is it strange that it’s now so much more than a skate brand with people like Drake wearing it?

Yeah it wasn’t strange though. It was weird and exciting to see that what we were doing and still are doing reached out to people you never thought would look and watch our skate videos. A lot of my favourite rappers as kid wear our shit, like Jay-Z haha.

How did the relationship with Supreme come about?

Supreme came about through my close friend Angelo Baque who is the creative director of Supreme. He’s been looking out for yah boi for a while now. Good looks bruva!

You’re travelling a lot but you’re still based in London right? It feels that UK skateboarding is in a good place right now. What do you think makes it so special?

Yeah I’m still in London for now, I like coming back to home sweet home after all the travels. I think skateboarding in England is unique and special because of the British background, that goes way back to before anyone can even remember.

What’ve you got lined up for the summer?

Ibiza with my girl, SUPRA NYC trip then PALACE trip to LA in november. So far it’s looking VERY HIGH GRADE!

You’ve got your own colour-way on a SUPRA shoe, could you give any more details behind your design process on that and how it was to be involved in making that happen? Which shoe you chose and why you like to skate it?

Yeah comes out on the 12th of October. I selected a new shoe SUPRA made called the “Quattro” and designed the rest with small details. All black suede 3M for renegade stealth night vision, silver lace holder with PWBC carved in, triangle lace whole at the top and only just a bit of transparency on the sole of the shoe.

I always wanted to do something like this and have PWBC heavily involved in anything I did so this was perfect. It’s the family for life and the gulliest skate gang in the world! Jamaica… Jamaica!






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