Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator – The multi-talented enfant terrible – prolific rapper, producer, Odd Future founder and business mogul has, as part of the Hypebeast generation, given us the music, clothing and ideals that helped shape how we think about street culture.

Recently, somehow, the stars aligned and our friend Gemma from Puss Puss Magazine caught up with him to talk cats, skating and Pharrell & Kanye.

Even though you named your brand after it, Golf is your least favourite sport, what’s your favourite?

I mean it’s skateboarding if that’s even considered a sport, I was never into sports growing up and I’m still not, I was into arts.

Do you play golf, I mean even miniature golf?

Yeah, miniature golf is fun, especially when I cheat. I’ve never actually played golf before. I think the word looks cool, it’s a good word.

You’re super into skating? Who do you rate?

Eric Koston was one of my favourites and forever will be. Right now, the Fucking Awesome team is really killing it. I’ve kind of known those guys for a while so Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sage Elsaesser and Sean Pablo’s a beast! It’s really cool to see those dudes getting to a bigger realm. I’m very proud of them.

What’s your favourite skate video?

Yeah Right by Girl, Team Ice Cream vol 1by Ice Cream and Illegal 2 is really cool.

How good are you at skating?

I fucking suck! But when I was skating a lot. My favourite trick was fake half cab heel. It was my go to trick I could do just do it back to back with no problem, but now I fucking can’t. But hey we skate the mini ramp now so that’s cool.

Was skate where your love affair with Vans began?

Yeah I been wearing Vans since 7th grade, it’s been my go to shoe for such a long time. Making things with my favourite shoe company is rad- I’m happy.

What’s your favourite?

I wear Old schools 24/7.

What’s your favourite spot in LA to skate?

My house I got a mini ramp so I just skate at home.

So what else do you do for fun? We heard a rumour you used to whisper mean stuff to kids when their folks weren’t looking, do you do that to animals too?

I like animals they’re cool, but talking to animals like regular people is so fucking funny.

You seemed to have fun with the cats on our shoot, what did you say to them?

Well I didn’t say much to those, I remember meeting some animals and joking round saying stuff like “Hey man, I got some drugs, you wanna smoke?” retarded stuff like that it’s funny.

Speaking of funny… We saw a recent photo on your Instagram, with Pharrell and Kanye that you’d captioned Dad’s, can you tell us a bit more about it?

I mean seeing those two in a photo together, that really meant a lot to me and there’s not that many photos of those two. There’s one photo in Japan at the Ice cream store opening, a couple of other photos of them floating round too but seeing that photo in 2015 it’s like they’re still chewing it and they’re still friends, it meant something to me.

It’s like no matter what I’ll be I guess I’ll always be creating and I’ll always try to do that at an awesome level, so seeing those two try to do that. I mean I look up to them so much and they know that they’re fucking gods. I love that photo that’s cool!

Finally back to music, what’s on your playlist now?

I really like the Weeknd song “Tell your friends” that song is so fucking great, I really like it. It’s this song by eternity’s children called I wanna be with you, that shit’s really good, it’s like an old 60’s song, it’s really great I love it.

Interview by Gemma Lacey
Photo: Kenneth Cappello

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