Top 5’s With Tony Hawk

Earlier this year, at the end of summer, myself and Will along with my socially unpredictable friend Jonny, decamped to NASS festival for the weekend, the antics from which are skilfully recorded here. In the recap it mentions that we got Tony to sign this particularly vulgar indcsn deck, which Jonny ambushed him with towards the end of the following ‘Top 5’s’ interview.

I’m not going to insult everyone’s intelligence by to introducing the skateboarder that even your mum has heard of, but we’ve been sitting on this since we came back from NASS (Tickets for 2017 here) so I’m not sure how it’s taken us so long to get it live, but better late than never, right?

Thanks for your time Tony and thanks for signing our deck!

Spots to skate.
1. My ramp.
2. Woodward skate camp.
3. Oregon Nartay skatepark.
4. My backyard.
5. Del Mar Skate Ranch.

Places to eat.
1. Market, in Del Mar.
2. Sushi So in LA.
3. Casey’s Tandoor in Carlsbad.
4. There’s an Ethiopian place in LA, I forgot the name of it. Ginette!
5. And one last one would be, Blue Ribbon Bistro, in New York City.

Places to get drunk
[Laughs] I don’t do that a whole lot anymore umm…
1. Weddings!
2. Home (safely!)
3. There’s a skate bar in New York, Max Fish.
4. Sushi So, because they have the best Saki.
5. The Cow, in London because a friend recommended it. Plus he said The Clash drank there so I’m in!

Places to travel to.
1. Japan
2. Australia
3. London
4. New York
5. Iceland

Shoes to skate in
I don’t know specific models, but through the years I’ve been skating..
1. Vans
2. Airwalk
3. Etnies
4. Lakai
5. Hawk Shoes

‘Birdhouse’ Milestones
1. Putting out our first board. Jeremy Klein.
2. Black and White Graphics.
3. Making our first video, ‘Feasters’.
4. Putting Birdhouse in our first video game.
5. Making ‘The End’
6. Me taking control of the entire company a few years ago.

Top 5 video parts over the years.
That is impossible, Jesus!…
1. Guy Mariano
2. Danny Way, DC.
3. Anything with Rodney and Daewon, take your pic.
4. The last David Gonzalez video.
5. Jaws.

1. The secret life of Walter Mitty.
2. Usual Suspects.
3. Airplane.
4. BeetleJuice.
5. Almost Famous.

Things to do when not skating.
1. Be with my kids.
2. Watch movies.
3. Return Emails.
4. Catch up on sleep.
5. Hopefully, take my wife out to dinner.

Things that annoy you.
1. People driving slow in the fast lane.
2. Anything inefficient.
3. People who hover around baggage claims.
4. People who want to corner me at a bar when their really drunk. Wanting to talk about old school Bones Brigade or whatever.
5. When I tell my kids what’s happening and they act like they never heard it later on in the day.

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