All Gone Decade

We’re always striving to look to work on projects that get us excited and our work with ALL GONE was no exception. Having grown up surrounding ourselves with street culture (for want of a better term) we were very aware of ALL GONE prior to getting approached to pitch in creative for the project.

ALL GONE are of course the much hyped series of annuals that highlight an extensive collection of products, curated by the books founder, Michael Dupouy. Now in it’s decennial year, Footpatrol approached us to produce a memorable event that bettered the heavily publicised book signings that Michael Dupouy embarks on each year to promote the book.

Looking at ALL GONE’s ten editions as a whole, we were incredibly keen to bring together some key pieces from the past 10 years in an exhibition set-up, with the intention of giving the book’s fans a chance to see some truly rare and sought after items in the flesh. Grail pieces spanned from Kermit x Supreme decks to ‘that’ New Balance Colette x Lamjc 1500, as well as a full range of each of Footpatrol’s much famed collaborations.

Furthering the three day exhibition matched up with Michael Dupouy’s synonymous book signing, we saw a panel inclusive of; ‘Dupouy, Udox’s own Joel Stoddart and the all knowledgable Gary Warnett, speak a lot of sense about the industry as a whole and what they feel needs to change for things to progress.

Rounding off the weekend, what better way to illustrate ALL GONE’s progression, as well as documenting the beginning of Michael Dupouy’s epic global book singing tour and rounding off the weekend than to create a short film around the man of the hour. Check out the film below:

Thank you to adidas Originals, The Drop Date, Johnnie Walker, Hop House 13, La MJC, Footpatrol and everyone who donated items and attended one of the events. 

Photos by Footpatrol & James Clothier
Film by Tom Welsh
Words by Sam Smith

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