Top 5’s With Eli Reed

While in Berlin the other week for the launch of Converse CONs One Star Pro shoe I got the chance to catch up with Eli Reed, who is largely regarded and one of the most talented and versatile skaters on the East Coast.

Eli is an interesting dude, whether thats skating the playboy mansion in a pink suit or launching his own namesake brand – Eli Reed – it really seems like the dude walks to the beat of his own drum and isn’t fazed by peoples opinions. I respect that.

See how Eli fares against the Top 5’s we ask everyone:

Top 5 things about New York:

1. Food
2. Women
3. Streets
4. Culture
5. I guess it could go under culture but the variety of different people there. Yeah, the melting pot.

Top 5 New York spots to skate:

Shit I don’t know! I mainly skate in the streets, that’s my favourite but I guess I go to:
1. TF West
2. LES Park
3. Flushing is always a good time
4. Canal Street
5. City Hall that’s a good spot all around city hall
6. Broom Street it is one of my favourite streets to cruise down

Top 5 cities to get drunk:

1. Berlin
2. New York
3. Boston
4. China
5. Bangkok

Top 5 places to eat:

1. Sant Ambroeus
2. Takahachi
3. Pepe Rosso
4. Cafe Habana

Top 5 places to travel to:

1. Puerto Rico
2. Tokyo
3. Paris
4. Miami
5. Rio

Top 5 places you want to go to you’ve never been to:

1. Guadalupe
2. Jamaica
3. Columbia
4. Mongolia
5. India

Top 5 things to do when not skating:

1. Bathhouse
2. Ride a bike
3. Go swimming
4. People watch
5. Paint

Top 5 Converse to skate in:

1. Chuck Taylor
2. One star
3. KA-II
4. Pro  Leather
5. Sumner

Photos by Reece Leung
Words: Tom Kirkby

The Converse CONs One Star Pro is available now from rad stores like Flatspot, or our Northern mates Lost Art and Welcome

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