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Ahead of their appearance at Hideout Festival this summer and following their incredible set b2b with Oneman on our Outlook Boat Party last summer, we sat down with Bristol duo My Nu Leng to talk festivals, their curated series of parties and the Bristol scene that birthed them.

So you guys have had a pretty crazy festival schedule. What were some of the highlights?

T – Glastonbury is always a stand out of the summer, Reading and Leeds have left us with amazing memories as well. To be honest, playing so many festivals you would expect a few to have been a slight let down but they have all been amazing. It has been a great summer!

Where was the best place you played?

J – On a boat, in the Croatian sun with dons Oneman and Matt Jam Lamont – was a bit special!

Was that the first boat party you’ve done?

J – We played on an amazing boat party a few years a go with Rudimental. It was a lot of fun and kicked off the festival perfectly!

You doing any more this year?

T – We have something special planned for Hideout Festival this year, thats all we have lined up at the moment, hopefully some more stuff comes in on the open seas!

Best festival closing tune?

J – DieMantle – Sex Machine – every time!

How did you guys first get into DJing?

T – Jammo first started mixing Drum and Bass and I was a Hip Hop DJ and followed closely by Drum and Bass – We both started on dodgy belt drive turntables and worked our way up from there. We met each other years after we had both started and our Drum and Bass tastes were very similar so we started mixing together… and the rest is history!

Were you playing out on your own before you started playing with each other?

T – Yer – we both played our local circuits to death before we started mixing together!

How important are resident sets to DJing? Seems like it’s an essential part of DJ’s cutting their teeth.

J – Moving to Bristol I remember how excited I was to start getting my first sets and then being offered residencies. I wouldn’t be the same DJ and we wouldn’t be where we are now without those residencies for sure.

Does it frustrate you when DJs skip this step? I.e. they’re straight up to the headline slots but if it came to it, haven’t the experience to ‘save’ the dancefloor if things go wrong?

J – We make sure what other people are doing doesn’t really affect us, we just try and keep focus of what we are doing and as long as we stay true to ourselves and our history then we are happy.

It seems that DJing is the priority for you guys right now. Is the plan to focus more on production in the future or is the production something that’s there to support your DJ sets?

T – We started as DJ’s and produced alongside it never really believing it would become our job and life. It is a huge part of who we are and the both go hand in hand. We wouldn’t be touring anywhere near as much if it wasn’t for the success and reception of our releases.

J – We are going to stick to our way of working as hard as we can while touring, and then a year or two down the line maybe take some time off touring to write an album. But until then.. more of the same!


Tell us about your upcoming Bristol party. What was the idea behind doing it?

J – We have had the idea of curating a night for some time now! Over the last few years we have been lucky enough to write music, DJ, party with and become good friends with so many amazing people!

T – It is our way of getting as many people as we can together for one big party but also curate something special – B2B’s never seen before etc. – That people will remember. We used to go to nights almost every week before our mad touring started and remember the feeling of seeing something special. We want to make that happen at each event.

J – Over the next year we want to take it around the UK and see where it goes from there…

Now that there’s been a few of these, what’s been the highlight?

J – The whole tour was a sell out and an amazing sign of where we have come over the last few years and an exciting look forward to what we could do next. Southampton was a great way to end the tour with all our friends in attendance too.

Anything you’ve learnt the hard way from these parties?

J – They have all gone pretty well, transporting out lightbox around the UK has been a bit of a learning curve at times!

What’s the scene like in Bristol these days. Is it still strong?

T – The Bristol scene will always be strong, if it isn’t in the forefront of people’s minds then you can be sure something is bubbling under the surface about to blow up. It has such a huge community vibe – every weekend so much is going on.

I feel like cities outside of London have way stronger scenes right now – Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester – do you think London’s influence is wavering?

J – London has some of the best clubs in the world – but as a community vibe it has been overtaken by cities like Bristol and Manchester. It will always be influential to dance music in some way though!

How much has Bristol played an influence on My Nu Leng?

J – Massively – interacting with the people in the city has influenced and inspired us in such a big way. We have been given so many opportunities to showcase our sound and skills since moving here and will always be grateful for that!

It feels like you’ve paid your dues, I remember one of your early releases on LNUK – what advice would you give people starting out producing who want to get themselves heard?

T – Always have fun enjoying it – we spent years and years improving our skills before anything started to fall in to place. The important part was that we were always having fun and still are to this day. The day we lose enjoyment from our work is the time to move on to something else.

What are some of the barriers you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are now?

J – I think we have been careful about our choices regarding record labels, management, booking agents, the shows we play, the people we work with etc. We have always wanted to keep our music credible and true to who we are.

T – Any time we have been given the opportunity for something we weren’t 100% on we have turned it down and maintained we feel strongly about everything we put out the places that we play music.

What about the summer are you looking forward to the most?

J – Festivals! We had an amazing summer last year and can’t wait to get fully amongst all the festivals this year.

Whats next for you guys?

T – Our single ‘Soul Shake’ with Flava D and a cool remix package is out now on MTA Records. We have lots of exciting music we are sat on and trying to finish in between our busy touring schedule so hopefully we have another EP out this year some time.

My Nu Leng play Hideout Festival this summer, which we went to once, and it’s brilliant. 

Photos: Matti Keski-Kohtamäki (Header by Harry Hitchens)

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