TOP 5’s with Josh ‘Manhead’ Young

We had a quick pint with Josh ‘Manhead’ Young last week and ran through our usual list of Top 5’s. We filmed it all so you don’t have to read any more boring lists and we’re excited to say that this is how it’s gonna be from here on out. Video wins.

If you don’t know Josh too well here’s the lowdown. He’s sponsored by The National Skateboard Co. (who are showing their full length movie this Saturday, check the details below), Vans, Independent, WeSC and Modus, is the Route One skate TM and has recently ventured into a similar gig at Vans. He enjoys a pint of Peroni on any given day before 2pm, is training to become a master carpenter in his free time, knows how take full advantage of a free bar better than anyone we know, hates noisy eaters and is an all-round, good-natured dude that rips on a skateboard with a super mellow style. We’re massive fans.

Cheers Manhead!

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