StreetX by Breaks

We’ve always looked to support people doing things that excite us and StreetX’s approach to introducing streetwear to Australia’s West Coast checked all the boxes.

Located in Western Australia’s capital city of Perth, the brick and mortar store, now in it’s third year, has continued to offer up a strong roster of brands as well as an in house brand that has harnessed a playful approach to streetwear that nods to a stereotyped care-free Australian lifestyle.

When Dan Bradshaw, founder of StreetX, sent us through some tees and headwear we wanted to best channel their playful and often tongue in cheek approach to an overly serious industry. Slicing out the Southern Cross from a backdrop, creating a giant Australian flag and teaming up with Dean Martindale, we produced this set of images that celebrated the coming together of nations, the creation of imagery and to a lesser extent, the Commonwealth.

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