The Impossible Project at Breaks HQ

Our new friends at The Impossible Project recently supplied us with a classic Polaroid camera and a grip of their amazing new film to go with it. In our youthful excitement, or nostalgia for some of the more senior members of the Breaks crew, we instantly fired off a load of shots to relive the magic of watching the image appear before our very eyes. In our haste, sat in a dark office, on a cloudy day in London, the results were a little underwhelming, but it was completely our fault, not the film.

Over the last month or so we’ve carried the Polaroid and remaining film with us on our various activities: Champ’s Barber Shop with Swallows and Daggers; shooting product in the studio for StreetX; upcoming feature interviews; crew lunch trips to Nando’s; a little bit of office life for good measure (to prove we do actually get some work done occasionally). We love the results, and while we might have been a little hasty and wasted some of the earlier shots due to our questionable camera work, the quality of The Impossible Project film really shines through when you get outside.

Most of us at Breaks cut our teeth in the camera game shooting on film, some of us still do. There’s something special about waiting to see how your shots turned out but when you witness that process in the palm of your hand it’s magic on a whole new level.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Impossible Project I-1 camera, it looks like the perfect combo of instant gratification with the tangible results right in your hands, combined with digital-level control so you can get experimental with double exposures, remote triggering and have full control over your aperture and shutter speed.

We’ve got three shots left and we’re saving them for the perfect moment. Rest assured we’ll have the Polaroid with us when the moment strikes to capture the magic. If like us you’re feeling slightly apathetic about all the photos you posted on Instagram that eight people liked, you should pick up one of the I-1 cameras, go out and take some real photos and show eight people you actually know and care about. Trust us when we say you’ll get so much more gratification that way.

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