Tens, London


It might seem weird to start a sunglasses company in Scotland, or even the UK for that matter, given that we see the sun for about five hours every summer, but when you try on a pair of Tens it all makes sense. Dreary, cold, grey weather needs brightening up, and Tens do just that. The light isn’t flat, you just need help to see the details. And when the sun comes out it’s like a new world opening up in front of your eyes. That might seem like a fat load of hyperbole but we genuinely believe it; the light glows, the shades and textures come alive and the colours pop more than your favourite Instagram filter applied ten times over.

There’s so much energy when you walk through the doors of the new Tens store in Covent Garden, London, the only way to stay cool and aloof like you’re not impressed by the clean lines, hanging shades, textured floors, stylish photos, plant life and mellow tunes on offer is to try on a pair. The only problem is that once you’ve discovered ‘Tens Life’ it’s going to be very hard to leave the shop without those sunglasses glued to your face.

This isn’t just a pop-up store, it feels more like a “dream store” as Tom Welsh, co-owner of Tens describes. Not bad going for three bonny lads, full of ideas and bursting with enthusiasm. The keys were handed over to the team just five days before the store was opened last Saturday, and the shop fit only really got underway on the Thursday prior to that.

Breaks were on hand behind the scenes, through sleepless nights, noise complaints, countless cups of coffee and a vision that never wavered, and it all came together seamlessly to create what is probably the cleanest looking space the Seven Dials has seen for some time. A perfect blend of minimalist design; concrete floors, hardwood counters and copper pipe accents, builds an atmosphere of intrigue that draws you in to try on the sunglasses.

This first retail space is a testament to the whole Tens crew. Their insatiable appetite and enthusiasm for work is what made their dream a reality, and goes to show that if you surround yourself with people that fire you up, motivate and inspire you, anything is possible. It could be that they’ve all been wearing Tens for so long that they look at every situation in a dreamy, rose-tinted, vibrant light full of positivity, or could be that the guys always had those characteristics anyway. Either way, putting on a pair of Tens will help you get that same attitude, so get down to 10 Earlham Street, London and check out the shop. You won’t regret it.

If you can’t make it down to London, check out the full Tens range right here.

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