Trippin’ with Salad Days

Progression in skateboarding is always dope to see, it’s what keeps us hooked, but for most, it isn’t what got you rolling. Sometimes regression to a time when skateboarding was a vehicle to not give a fuck, blitzing about the streets with your crew is what we all need to stay hyped and forget the daily bullshit. 

For us trips have always been the best way to do this, escaping reality to places where the sun is warmer, spots are better and beer is cheaper turns anyone back into a skate rat; So when it came to finally getting something going we always wanted them to be what lead it. This is how the 20 man mission to Barca and Salad Days came to be.

Originally the idea for the trip was for a small group to take some time out, cruise over to Barcey and push the idea of starting something together. Nothing too ambitious, make some product we’d want to buy, film some vids, get pissed and fuck about doing it (mainly the last one). When word got out, this small group grew. For each new dude that joined two more followed. Organising this shit was hectic. 

What followed was 10, 18 hour days spent on the streets rolling 20 deep through every corner of the city. Some dudes were out for clips, some were out to get hammered. No stress, no pressure, just all out there together trying to have a much fun as possible through skateboarding. It’s easy to forget that this is really the motivation behind anything worth doing, so this is the approach we are going to take with our output too.

What we want from Salad Days is for it to live and grow through these trips, get everyone who is down to rep it skating together more and judge its success through how much fucking about it encourages. We want to see what happens when we can run trips 30, 40, 50+ deep. Hopefully, people back this and what we put out there promotes it. If we aren’t having fun making it, then it won’t get made. SD

Salad Days
Leon Foggitt

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