24 hours in Malmö with Vans

Holy hell, did Vans put on a show for us last weekend or what? The Vans Park Series 2016 came to a dramatic end with Alex Sorgente taking the Gold, as well as all the beers and ladies in sight at the after party. Pedro Barros charged like he had taken the biggest line of cocaine ever racked up to come a close and admirable second, while 17-year-old wildcard Ivan Federico threw the cleanest kickflip melons imaginable for third. In the women’s, young Brighton Zeuner came out on top and was unable to hold in her excitement, celebrating with a well-earned can of Sprite.

We sat back, enjoyed the show, drank many beers, and hustled for prime position among the skateboard media elite to shoot what we could. Our elbows might have got a little sharper, but the focus on our cameras certainly didn’t. In the end, we had to just stand back and watch in awe at the incredible scenes unfolding around the Hyllie Badhuspark, it was bad ass (that pun was not). Don’t say that transition skating is making a comeback, because we’re pretty sure it already has.

A big, extra special, smoochy kiss of utmost thanks must go to all the Vans crew, in particular, the one and only George Pedrick, for looking after us so well all weekend, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Big ups to all the homies who made it so much fun, hopefully, we’ll see you at the next one. if you didn’t already, watch the full edit above, and check out a selection of photos below.

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