Boardmasters Festival 2016

My geographical knowledge of anything west of Bournemouth is pretty limited, which resulted in me confusing Newquay for Torquay and arriving at Boardmasters Festival a day late. Turns out Newquay is actually about three hours West of Torquay, who knew! England just keeps on going West for fucking ages, why did I never know this…

Anyway, this only left me with two days to soak up the festival, so I decided to be economical with my time and spend one day at the music site (Westgate Bay) and one day at the surfing, skateboarding and BMX site (Fistral Beach). Thanks to a generous PR team, I was given a fistful of drinks tokens (yey!) and no food tokens (oh shit!) so got pretty drunk and don’t really remember most of the latter part of Saturday… Nando’s being the chicken wielding sweethearts they are, sorted me out with some wraps that may have saved my life. Their DJ was pretty ace too.

According to my memory card I watched Foxes, Deadmau5 and some DJ I don’t recognise, the photos were also way too blurry to use, whoops! I also remember waiting ages for Kano, but there was some reordering of acts because a flight to Newquay from London with Craig David on got cancelled. I didn’t end up seeing Kano though, but according to the guys camping next to me, he was the best act there. so yeah… great.

The Sunday I spent soaking up the sun and cider, watching the long boarding men’s and women’s finals and skateboarding vert competition. I left the festival about 8pm-ish so I could get the train home to London, arriving in Paddington at 6am, home for a nap til 8am then back to work, dead. 

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