BREAKS Presents: Lucien Clarke

Lucien Clarke has been in the spotlight for a long time. Some have called him the MVP of UK skateboarding, others have sat back in awe at a style so smooth it doesn’t belong on London’s rugged streets, some have ruthlessly sought out the clothing he wears, whatever you know him for, one thing holds true. Lucien has received a huge amount of positivity expressed toward him, and we think he deserves every bit.

We’ve always known that Lucien is a laid back as they come but sometimes felt there was way more than you get to see in a video part. Sure, he’s had some ridiculous parts – not to mention that ender in Chris Mulhern’s independent DVD release ‘This Time Tomorrow’ – regularly skates with the likes of Tom Penny and Muska, and has continued to go from strength to strength since getting on Supra and releasing his pro models on Palace, but we wanted to find out what really gets him going. Skateboarding will always be there but it’s his family that have supported him from day dot that make him the man he is today…

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