Vans Shop Riot Finals

The Vans Shop Riot Finals went down in Lisbon this weekend and it can only be described as one for the books. The level of skating was insanely high, the weather was glorious, there was far too much trap music, copious amounts of booze and food, great vibes with all the homies all around. We headed out into the park, braving the heat and chaos to capture what went down. Big thanks once again to Vans and all the crew for taking us with them for the ride, celebrating the final Vans event of the 50th anniversary year in true style.

Be sure to watch all the hammers in the official video recap from Vans below.

Rob Smith was skating real solid on the transitions, as you would expect from the UK ripper.
I'm not sure who this is, but he was sending frontside airs over the gap bigger than anyone else.

Jacopo Carozzi (aka @pufftuffandskatestuff) was on fire all weekend. For me, he was one of the most consistent and stylish skaters throughout. The dude has endless energy and one insanely deep bag of tricks. During the best trick contest on this feature, he was so close to getting a fs nollie switch feeble fs big spin out, but snapped his board on the landing. He stuck this one without the big spin which was sick because I really wanted to use this angle, hiding between the two quarters.

Above: Mickael Germond won the best trick on the bump to bar here, with a ridiculously big hippie jump. I don’t think anyone else managed to do this trick all weekend, but Mickael had it on lock. He stuck some of the most creative tricks and lines I saw all weekend and even gave his board to one of the kids after the contest was over. I guess with 250 Euros in your pocket you can afford to do that. 

Below: Proof that Mickael kept it old-school with his tricks, with a caveman crooks on the down bar.

Obviously, there were a million no-comply variations on show.
The shop vs. shop format got pretty hectic at points and there was more than a few collisions.
This Lockwood rider was killing the rail here, and even boardslided the whole thing. Unfortunately I missed the photo in all the chaos. Backside feeble will have to do.

Big shouts to Steve the pig, for feeding everyone on Saturday night. After a full day skating, then a surf lesson, he didn’t last long. I’m pretty sure there is an Instagram fan page dedicated to his memory but I can’t find it. At this point in the night, three kegs had been finished off and we had moved on to the supplies from Morroco, so you’ll have to excuse my hazy memory. Damn tasty ribs though.

A special award of 500 Euros went to Phil Zwijsen (@philzwijsen) & Jarne Verbruggen (@jarneverbruggen) for doing a frontside smith grind on the same rail at the same time within inches of each other. They actually did it on the massive down rail to get the prize, but here you can see them warming up on the flat bar. These two are insane!

The weather in Lisbon is off the charts.

The homies from Titus were really on point all weekend, and clearly their efficient German strategy paid off because they made it to the finals seeing off some pretty stiff competition. TM Yannick Schall shows the kids how it’s done with a super clean frontside blunt to fakie. Although skating all day to make it to the final took its toll in the end, the younger kids from local shop Bana came through strong with unlimited energy and motivation. Yannick could barely stand by the time it was all over.

Portuguese locals representing Bana skate shop took the overall win to be crowned the 2016 Vans Shop Riot Champions, and deservedly so. The Ribeiro twins absolutely crushed the big stair section. This kickflip back smith was first try! 

This was arguably the trick that won the prize money. Bigger flip frontside boardslide. Gustavo Ribeiro was like a man possessed skating this section in the final battle against Titus. More like video game skating than what you would expect to see in a contest, it’s crazy how much the level of skateboarding is stepping up these days. With the level of consistency the Ribeiro twins have, I won’t be surprised if they’re at the Olympics in 2020, some serious terminator focus on display right here.

And the crowd goes wild for Gustavo Ribeiro. The kid is next level.

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