Chasing a Nomad: In Barcelona with Adrian ‘Mowgli’ Morris


The white plastic chair bends as I lean back, draw in a deep breath, exhaling as I come to rest and reach out for my ice cold beer. Spanish voices wash over me while the wind rustles through leaves on an unusually grey Saturday afternoon in Poblenou, Barcelona. Lisa and I sit a while to watch the people go about their business of greeting friends, searching for a spot to eat, walking with their families, chatting and laughing, enjoying a glimpse of sunshine after a day of light rain. The pavements reflect beams of light all around us as dark puddles stir in the breeze, clouds dance their way through the tiny portals, the air is still and close to my lungs, and I realise that it’s the first time I’ve sat still for more than ten minutes since I arrived in Barcelona yesterday.

I’d made some characteristically loose plans to meet up with Adrian Morris, the young Australian photographer who has reignited our imaginations with his mix of striking reportage, candid portraiture and ever expanding list of locales he’s been exploring over the last few years. He tells me over WhatsApp that his phone is about to die so we should meet him at Ilacuna metro station at eight o’clock and go from there.

We finish our beers and retrace our steps back to the spot we’re supposed to meet, our pace quickening as nervous excitement takes hold, Lisa struggling to keep up with my longer strides, skimming past graffitied walls, closed shop shutters, fluoro green leaves on canopy trees twinkling overhead as the breeze stirs them into life, incessantly checking the time on my phone that might not last the night, walking head first into an unknown adventure like the man we’re meeting does on the regular.

We turn the final corner into the diamond shaped opening typical of these Barcelona street sections, arrive at the Metro station and shuffle around awkwardly looking for Adrian. The air is so relaxed it’s almost infectious. Small groups bustle in and out all around us, the steady tick of a metronome echoes from a warehouse, a newsagent hustles cheap cans of Estrella, the pedestrian crossing stops traffic and pauses time, late evening sunshine pokes through quickly shifting clouds. Turning again to my right I look across the street to see Adrian peering over curiously. We meet halfway in the middle of the street, held in time for a moment, shaking hands and trading names before stepping back to the pavement for more introductions.

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