Jimmy Gorecki & 8 Years of Pink Dolphin

LA brand Pink Dolphin celebrate 8 years of existence this year and to celebrate, released this limited capsule with Ebbets Field. To find out a bit more about the collection, and why you’d celebrate 8 years not 10, we grabbed a quick 5 minutes with Marketing Director Jimmy Gorecki who shed some light on the whole process.

The capsule collection (and everything else you put out for that matter) offers high-end, premium materials, where were these sourced and did you discover anything in the process of creating these two anniversary pieces?

The collection was handmade in the US. Think the biggest thing was just the patience we had to have as a team putting it together. Not just shipping off tech packs and getting a production sample back in 3 months. You could see through each step of the way the TLC that was put into each component of the 2 pieces.

How long have you been working with Ebbets Field and how has that relationship developed over the years?

I’ve been at Pink Dolphin now for just over a year. Ebbets’ history and heritage felt like a great partner to bring in the occasion with.

‘Legends’ is a pretty big statement to have on your back. Are there any legends we might know that inspired this piece? What do those with Legendary status embody that awards them such a label?

The Pink Dolphin motto is just being a “legend at our crafts.” Striving the personal best, each and every one of us has inside of us towards whatever is were passionate about. It’s a motto that transcends boundaries. Doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, artist, medical expert, someone that works in IT, teaching. Whatever it is you love, give it your all.

How did Nate McCloud come to be involved with the look book?

Nate is actually oversees all of our visual communications and does an excellent job doing so. Very creative and meticulous when it comes to details.

I really like the idea of keeping all your collections super limited – how is that working out for you from a business perspective?

Its been a concept that has been promising because no matter how small or large the product range is, the kid that has been part of the brand from the beginning and has grown with Pink Dolphin knows there is a huge exclusivity factor to whatever it is her or she is purchasing. For anyone that works their ass off for their income, it adds value to the purchase.

Why are you celebrating 8 years? Seems like 10 is more of a ‘traditional’ landmark?

10 is a traditional landmark but we’re all happy to be going each year so 8 year is just a continual honour of appreciation for those that have helped grown and support the brand.

Are you still skating in Jordan’s? (Haha) And do you still get out for a skate every now and then?

I absolutely am. At this stage in my life it’s pointless for me to be calling my friends at the skate footwear brands to be asking for shoes when they’re so many deserving kids that would appreciate the promo and bust their ass.

For me, what other purpose are they gonna serve sitting in my closet? They’re yellowing. I don’t play ball. I might as well drive to park and seamlessly transition from dad to skater, and after a few ollie’s and grinds we have something to chat and laugh about later.

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